Dangers of CFLs Even Greater Than Previously Known

May 19, 2011 04:26

“Hazard: The light bulbs [CFLs] can overheat, posing a fire hazard to consumers.” LINK This is what we get for allowing GE to pay politicians to “save the planet” by banning lightbulbs. Call your legislator 202-224-3121.

By Edmund Contoski at American Thinker


New evidence of CFLs causing fires — even exploding — as well as new environmental concerns have come to light since my article The CFL Fraud published.  Here are some of the additional fires:

“I had one of these CFL’s in my garage socket, and it blew a component (not the glass corkscrew) and caught fire.  Fortunately, I was standing four feet away at the time.  I turned off the power and smothered the bulb with a towel.” LINK

“I heard a sizzling sound like bacon, looked in the direction of the sound and watch the CFL burst into flame with flames licking up onto the ceiling of my house.” LINK

“I’ve had two burn through their base, leaving a hole large enough to stick my little finger in, and scorching the fixture. They are a fire hazard.” LINK

“I’ve had TWO catch fire.  I don’t trust them.  Plus they look silly.” LINK

“I’ve had two CFLs explode on me.  One in our bedroom overhead light…. I took a long time cleaning the bedspread and carpeting, because of fears of the mercury residue.  Had another one explode in the family room.” LINK

Politicians are always looking for ways to demonstrate this to justify the statist ideological conviction and retain the political power to force it on the public.  From low-flow toilets to ethanol subsidies and mandates, to creating the housing bubble that collapsed (taking the rest of the economy with it), and everything in between, they have a consistent record of failure.  Now it’s CFLs.  People are being forced to switch from a reliable, economical, environmentally safe product to one which is none of these — and a health and safety hazard to boot.


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