Death Squad Dictator and Obama bud

May 16, 2011 06:28

As for Chavez, he not only makes a mockery of democracy. He aligns with terrorists, drug dealers and rogue states. The latest is that he runs a death squad regime, yet the U.S. response is dead silence.

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How is it that this White House can make a big hullabaloo over what it called a coup in Honduras in 2009, yet ignore last week’s news of death squads in Venezuela? Dictatorships and double standards, anyone?

ccording to emails in the computer, a Venezuelan internal security officer named Amin asked FARC, the communist drug-dealing Colombian rebels, to send two “comrades” for “special activities” in Caracas in 2002. That meant to eliminate opponents of Chavez’s regime and, sure enough, a sniper attack on a big demonstration in Caracas in 2002 that killed three protestors.

Venezuela’s government also asked FARC to send experts in handguns, explosives, remote-control detonators and car bombs. Who, other than death-squad regimes, needs such tools? Yet, President Obama naively shook hands with Chavez at the Summit of the Americas in 2009, based on the premise that Venezuela is a democracy like any other.

The U.S. is only willing to confront nations such as Honduras that try to save themselves from Chavez’s brand of totalitarianism.

Indictments of Chavista officials remained sealed at the Justice and Treasury departments to avoid confrontation. And U.S. officials say again and again all’s well in the hemisphere.


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