Disturbing Questions about President Obama’s Vision for Israel

May 20, 2011 04:09

The message to terror groups is, “Keep up the violence and the US will back you to get whatever you want.”  The message to a democratic ally is, “Make dangerous concession for peace with US assurances and the US will forget the assurances and ask for more concessions.”

By Peggy Shapiro at American Thinker


It rewards terror states and potential terror-states. It asks Israel to accept U.S. assurances while abandoning all the assurances he made as a candidate. Rather than answers, the speech leaves us with many disturbing questions.

1. The president promises billions in aid to Egypt with no non-terror strings attached.

Will these funds be forthcoming if Egypt is in the control of the Muslim Brotherhood (a  more likely scenario each day) and tears up the peace treaty with Israel?

3.  The president calls for ethnic cleansing of some areas in the disputed territories and   even Jerusalem.

“My Administration has worked with the parties and the international community for over two years to end this conflict, yet expectations have gone unmet. Israeli settlement activity continues.”

There are no calls for Palestinians to refrain from building in certain areas which the president wants Muslim-free.  Is ethnic cleansing only for Jews?

8. The president holds onto a fantasy that Hamas will reject the path of terror and rejection. Is there any evidence on this planet that Hamas will reject terror and the    annihilation of the Jewish state since the end to all Jewish existence is the core element  of the terror group’s charter? He also hopes for the Hamas-Fatah terror state to provide border security for Israel.


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