Excited by power, Obama ignores legal restraints

May 23, 2011 05:54

Start with an administration set on “changing America,” and that rejects strict construction, the 10th Amendment, and the separation of powers, and you get what we have in Libya today: an illegal war, and a White House that doesn’t mind.

By: Timothy P. Carney at The Washington Examiner


Now that he’s president, Obama apparently believes the inverse: Stubborn rulers should not be subject to the whims of the law.

Obama in 2009 threw out bankruptcy law and precedent when he handed ownership of Chrysler to his political patrons, the United Auto Workers, publicly and privately threatening the creditors who objected.

Obama’s National Labor Relations Board has gotten in the game by blocking Boeing from making its jets at its new factory in South Carolina.

This administration regularly flouts and bends its own ethics rules.

More importantly, Obama seems to regard the Constitution’s limits as quaint. We see it in his rhetoric and his actions.


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