Good-bye Girl Scouts

May 18, 2011 04:45

Look what your thin mints are supporting these days.

By Marcia Segelstein at WORLD Magazine


Earlier this month, two sisters who were longtime Girl Scouts, launched a website not only to explain their departure from the organization, but to be sure others understand that there’s more to the Girl Scouts’ agenda than selling cookies.

Sydney and Tess Volanski, the two teens behind, object, for example, to some of the websites girls are directed to from the GSUSA website.

It also has a section for teens called “Sexual Health.” Subheadings include: “Emergency contraception,” “Talking to your partner about condoms” (which has a descriptive paragraph on how to use them), and “Withdrawal.” If that weren’t enough, there’s a link to Planned Parenthood’s website under “Additional Resources.”

Here’s a small sample of dialogue, as spoken by the priest character, from a scene where Maria is getting married:

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here, under the Catholic church, in the holy house of God, to unite these two people in holy matrimony. . . . Maria, do you accept Jose Juan Gonzalez Garcia Lopez as your lawfully wedded husband to love, cherish, serve, cook for, clean for, sacrifice for, have his children, keep house, love him, even if he beats you, commits adultery, gets drunk, rapes you . . . ?”

Any young Girl Scouts who followed up on the recommendation and checked out the play would be treated to a “charming” picture of Christian marriage and the Catholic Church.


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