Leftists urge Obama to sign extortionist executive order

May 5, 2011 06:23

An executive order forcing all government suppliers and contractors to disclose political contributions would imply that businesses better “pay to play”. Its the Chicago way.

usACTIONnews.com Editorial

A story at The Hill reports that a coalition of groups expressing support for this unconstitutional order sent a letter to Obama urging him to sign it.

Leftists in favor of limiting political speech or being able to retaliate against opposing political opinions want Obama to act before the public becomes aware of the disastrous consequences of such an act.

David Marston and John Yoo at The Wall Street Journal pointed out how the order will inhibit free speech:

This order represents the latest salvo in the Obama administration’s war on the First Amendment rights of its political opponents.

Having failed to undo Citizens United by legislation, Mr. Obama apparently believes that he can veto the Supreme Court by naked presidential fiat.

Mr. Obama’s executive order threatens to replicate the Prop 8 experience on a nationwide scale. In fact, it requires the release of contractors’ political contributions in a publicly available electronic database to be posted online as soon as possible. It shouldn’t matter here that disclosure would be the price for doing business with the government.

Civil libertarians and liberals have so far been mum in the face of Mr. Obama’s executive order. They’re likely justifying their silence on the basis that businesses—not unions—will suffer. But if the president succeeds in reducing the free-speech rights of business today, it will be far easier to limit the same rights of other Americans tomorrow.

This is a blatant attempt to silence opposing political views and extort campaign funds from government suppliers and contractors. This may be standard operating procedure in Chicago’s political cesspool but congress and the courts should act quickly and severely to keep team Obama from spreading such chicanery to the federal level.

– Editor

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