Obama and the Frog Pot Boil

May 31, 2011 04:32

Perhaps Obama will go down as having lost an entire generation of left-leaning voters — or at least that generation’s blind assurance that only one party offers realistic solutions.

By Jeff Clancy at American Thinker


The 2008 financial crisis provided cover for further governmental expansion, ushering in the presidency of Obama. With a nation on the ropes and control of the White House and Congress, liberalism had a straight path to its inveterate goal: irreversible European-style socialism here in the U.S.

A president with no executive experience whatsoever delegated the enactment of ObamaCare to Pelosi and Reid, neither of whom had the savvy to play modestly with their winning hand. Convinced that all means were justified and that resistance was futile and/or nonexistent, they scared away an otherwise docile segment of voters (and non-voters until that moment).

An ever-growing portion of the public, including the college-aged, is learning about the realities of a centralized government attempting wealth redistribution based upon an unrealistic worldview. The ineffectiveness of liberalism’s treatment of all things economic is coming to light. A supposed elite who know everything — except, apparently, basic human behaviors — is demanding unchecked control of all things.


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