Obama takes aim at middle Americans with mileage tax

May 6, 2011 05:24

The Obama Administration has resurrected the notion of a per-mile tax on driving our cars.

Go Ahead, Make Our Day

By J. Kowalski at American Thinker

Naturally, the bill has only been “floated” in order to gauge reaction and shield the President from inevitable negative backlash to such an endeavor, but the attempt offers further proof of the lengths our government will go to tax and control our lives and habits. Motivation for this idea could range from simply “raising highway revenue” to yet another attempt by our betters in Washington D.C. to shape our behavior to their liking. All are unacceptable.

While it seems most of the population is tragically medicated into uncaring stupors by garbage television and the fact that relatively speaking, our lives are still good and lost liberties aren’t noticed yet, perhaps the time, cost, and general distastefulness of being forced to add any kind of federally mandated tracking device would wake more people up to the evolving evil of Washington D.C.

A mileage tax could incite a peaceable tax revolt and help add to the already lengthy list of reasons to be rid of progressives and statists. The proposal would expose the Federal tyranny for what it is to Americans who never noticed before as few things affect us as universally as when someone messes with our cars.

The automobile, the freedom of the open road, and the anonymity of our nation’s vast expanse of highways may just be the one thing that most if not all Americans have in common. A mileage tax might finally be an intrusion that might awake enough of us from our stupors to stand up and fight.


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