Obama’s Other Hand – is smacking you

May 2, 2011 08:37

While we were distracted by the president’s birth certificate show-and-tell, his EPA releases its guidelines for expanding federal power under the Clean Water Act. America’s economy and freedom are at stake.

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the expanded EPA guidelines would let the government “regulate essentially any body of water, such as a farm pond or even a ditch.”

Not just agriculture but energy production is affected. The EPA recently revoked the coal mining permit for Arch Coal’s Spruce Mine No. 1 in Logan County, W.Va. The permit was issued four years ago and since then Arch Coal, which provides 16% of America’s supply, has followed every jot and tittle of the rules it was told to operate under. It didn’t matter.

The EPA is currently suspending 79 such surface mining permits in West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and Tennessee. It says these permits could violate the Clean Water Act and warrant “enhanced” review.

This is not about clean water any more than cap-and-trade is about climate change. It’s about increasing government power over our every aspect of our lives. The power to regulate is the power to destroy, and part of the administration’s goal of raising energy prices to the point green energy looks acceptable if not attractive.

President Obama said the whole “birther” controversy was a distraction from other more important things. That’s just the way he wanted it.


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