Obama’s union labor board lying in Boeing case

May 5, 2011 05:59

Obama’s NLRB pro union career labor attorney, Lafe Solomon, lied about quotes from Boeing and  about objecting to Boeing’s new South Carolina plant.

An Examiner Editorial has the story-


Boeing executive vice president and general counsel Michael Luttig also happens to be a former federal judge who was on the White House short list for a Supreme Court appointment under President George W. Bush, so it is difficult to dismiss him as merely a self-interested corporate pleader. Luttig’s recent letter to National Labor Relations Board acting general counsel Lafe Solomon accusing the NLRB of mischaracterizing and misquoting decisions by Boeing and statements by the company’s top executives raises some especially disturbing questions.

“A number of these statements, which are critical to your case against Boeing, fundamentally misquote or mischaracterize statements by Boeing executives and actions taken by the Company,” Michael Luttig wrote in the letter, which was first reported Tuesday by The Washington Examiner’s Philip Klein.


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