Outraged Mark Levin goes off on racism in media

May 18, 2011 17:10

“I’m sick and tired of liberals in this country, most of whom are white, telling conservatives that they’re racist because they don’t adopt their big government, authoritarian, top-down policies that seek to divide this country on every front, including race,” Levin says.

An outraged Levin continued, saying that according to data, most people on food stamps are not black. So, he asks, why would the people at MSNBC assume that racism was at play in Gingrich’s statement?

After NBC’s Meet the Press’s David Gregory questioned Newt Gingrich’s reference to President Obama as the “food stamp president,” saying that some found there to be racial undertones, it started a firestorm of debate. Now, talk show host Mark Levin reacts, saying that on the contrary, he thinks there should be a whole new civil rights act just “to address the hosts at MSNBC.”

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