Secularists, or Just Anti-Christians?

May 17, 2011 05:42

71% of faculty believed that “this country would be better off if Christian fundamentalists kept their religious beliefs out of politics,” whereas only 38% opposed Muslim beliefs being represented in public policy.   In other words, Christians should just shut up.

By Keith Riler at American Thinker


When held to their own standards of tolerance and fairness, these focused meddlers fail because, in truth, secularists are just anti-Christians.  The intriguing question is why.

A recent study indicated a marked bias against Christians by university faculties.  These faculties are a good proxy for secularists in general.  Among other unsurprising findings, the study observed:

[…] political liberalism is the dominant ideology on college campuses, especially in the social sciences and humanities. This study demonstrates that this political ideology is not benign. Indeed, it may be connected to a hostility and prejudice about a major religious group in America.

Nowhere are these inconsistencies more obvious than in the clash of religious freedom with homosexual censorship and political correctness.  On this topic, secularists have aggressively rounded up Christians for reeducation.  A Georgia graduate student was required to undergo a remediation program to address her beliefs on homosexuality and transgendered persons.  School officials threatened her with dismissal until she altered “central religious beliefs on human nature and conduct.”  Likewise, another university removed a Christian from its graduate program over belief about homosexuality.

No such similar purging exists with respect to other faiths, and certainly not with respect to Muslim beliefs, despite that Islam prohibits homosexuality and proscribes punishment by a hundred lashes at best — with death from stoning more likely, or even the toppling of a wall on both partners, or the destruction of entire cities.

Whatever the reason, secular liberals are clearly biased and intolerant, and they work to the detriment of Christians’ religious freedom.  Such views and actions are contradictions of other stated liberal tenets, including fairness, open-mindedness, and love.


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