Stacked Courts and Dissolution of US Laws set to officially establish the Obama Tyranny

May 12, 2011 06:49

US laws are now being ignored outright or the despot is issuing Executive fiats–also largely ignored by Congress–to supplant said laws

By  Sher Zieve at Canada Free Press


As our Republic quickens its descent into oblivion, the Obama syndicate is ensuring that its ultimate demise will be both painful and certain for We-the-People.

The tyrant has told supplicant Attorney General Eric Holder to not defend or uphold the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and commanded his DHS head to both ignore illegal immigrants coming across our Southern border and to then lie about it…which Janet Napolitano does extremely well.  The Obama is also shunning US States that did not support him politically.  One blatant example of this is the Obama syndicate’s refusal to declare Texas an emergency disaster after its unparalleled recent wildfires.  If you don’t support The Obama, you don’t receive disaster funds—even though you were and still are forced to pay taxes.

To top even this off, Obama’s new acting Solicitor General (and Muslim?) Neal Kumar Katyal told the Appeals Court panel that Congress has absolute power over US citizens and can force them to buy—or not to buy—anything it deems appropriate at the moment.

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