Tell Your RINO Senator NOT to Vote to Confirm Goodwin Liu for a Federal

May 19, 2011 05:53

A Republican voting for Goodwin Liu is more than just going against their party of choice, it is being a participant in stabbing our country in its heart, the Constitution. 202- 224-3121

By Jerry McConnell at Canada Free Press


This man has no regard of our Constitution and wishes to rewrite and revamp it to fit his radical lifestyle beliefs and dispense justice from his warped sense of foreign loyalties and foreign law. It could even be possible that he will go along with the Islamic efforts to install Sharia Law in place of our Constitution, the oldest and longest lasting Constitution ever written in the world.

Goodwin Liu, the person in the spotlight here is not your average Mr. American; he is a flaming liberal socialist-communist with very close ties to the deplorable and un-Constitutional, anti-Christian communist leaning American Civil Liberties Union or (ACLU), which by it itself is justification for refusing this man a seat on the bench of a federal court.

In addition, he is very much in favor of bypassing our Constitution and interpreting laws as HE sees fit, utilizing many foreign country legislative writings which are in contrast with our Constitution.  He is a strong proponent of gay marriages while opposed to a traditional marriage amendment and he believes that courts should be tools to redistribute wealth in our society.  Liu is strongly a promoter and believer in abortion on demand opposing the recently proposed pro-life Amendment and laws that would ban the hideous partial birth abortions.


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