The Left’s Dirty Little Secret – they’ve got your kids’ minds

May 25, 2011 05:19

The socialists launched a cultural revolution to corrupt the West so badly that it would “stink,” in their words. Some of their methods would be destroying the family, stripping parents of power, and forcing sex education into the schools.

By Robin of Berkeley at American Thinker


When the radicals grew up, many of them infiltrated the universities, schools, media,  and government.  Even the churches and the synagogues have not been immune.  In fact, the leftists have wormed their way into every aspect of society.

Ayers was smart enough to know what every totalitarian regime understands: to control the populace, focus on the children.  This is why the SS mandated that children over l0 must join the Hitler Youth.

The debasement of children’s minds through sex education was concocted about a hundred years ago by Germany’s Frankfurt School.

Nine-year-olds learn to put condoms on bananas; middle school children squirm at talks about sex change operations.  By high school, free condoms are in plentiful supply.

The One-World loving UN has chimed in with proclamations declaring children’s “right” to masturbation.   And the deluded dupes running today’s public schools follow in lockstep.

The sexual immersion in today’s public schools doesn’t just stimulate kids to experiment with the opposite sex; it cajoles them to consider a gay or bi or polyamorous lifestyle.

There’s actually a word for what schools are doing; it’s a form of recruitment called “queering.”  This term became widely known after Obama appointed Kevin Jennings as his School Czar.  Jennings became notorious in Massachusetts for his “queering” of teens through instructing them on hard-core practices such as fisting and water sports.

But the news gets worse.  The latest craze (and I do mean craze) is teaching “gender diversity” to children as young as five.

Second and third graders were informed that gender diversity was natural; that it appears throughout nature and in the animal kingdom.  The fourth and fifth graders were treated to the song, “All I want to be is me,” while being told that they “can be a boy, a girl, both or neither.”

The progressives, of course, don’t publicize such training as queering or gender bending.  In classic doublespeak, they cloak the programs in noble terms, such as “safety training,” and “anti-bullying.” (Thus, Kevin Jennings’ position in the Obama Administration has been carefully crafted as “The Assistant Deputy Secretary in the Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools.”)

Regardless of how the left spins it, children being forced to listen to one uncomfortable, repellant sex talk after another, is not safety.  It’s also not education.  It’s actually a state-sanctioned form of child abuse.

Uncle Henry may force a child to look at pornography; how is this any different in a child’s mind than the child being required to sit through sexual talks and films, beginning in elementary schools?

The demented relative will tutor the child that sex is pleasurable; that he’s doing this for her own good.  Note the similarity to teachers advising kids that it’s okay, even desirable, to have sex with whomever; that kids, in fact, have a “right” to it.

Teaching school children to become hooked on pleasure; coaxing them to try sexual practices that may sicken, even kill them; giving them license to change their genders. . . Is there a person in their right mind who can’t see that this isn’t just inappropriate; it is downright evil?

Those in charge of the sexualization of children are our postmodern Frankensteins;  they have engineered mad plans to steal the bodies and souls of our children.


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