A liberals look at the two faces of Obama

June 28, 2011 05:35

He’ll say anything. Like most liberals, to Obama all truth is relative. The ends justify the means. They’ say anything that will help push their left wing ideology. But at some point even his supporters can’t find the real Obama. Leftist columnist Maureen Dowd explains at the NY Times.

By Maureen Dowd at The New York Times


“Our president likes to be on both sides at once.

In Afghanistan, he wants to go but he wants to stay. He’s surging and withdrawing simultaneously.

He’s engaging in hostilities against Qaddafi while telling Congress he’s not engaging in hostilities against Qaddafi.

On the budget, he wants to cut spending and increase spending. On the environment, he wants to increase energy production but is reluctant to drill. On health care, he wants to get everybody covered but will not press for a universal system. On Wall Street, he assails fat cats, but at cocktail parties, he wants to collect some of their fat for his campaign.

He does not seem deeply affiliated with any side except his own.

Sometimes, as Chris Christie put it, “the president has got to show up.”

With each equivocation, the man in the Oval Office shields his identity and cloaks who the real Barack Obama is.”


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