Anti-Business as Usual

June 20, 2011 05:32

The Obama Administration’s war on business, though, isn’t having a negative effect on its fundraising for 2012 — at least in Washington, D.C. Democratic National Committee and Obama re-elect sources say that they have commitments from executives from virtually every major U.S. corporation to host or co-host fundraisers in the coming months.

By at American Spectator


Daley was roasted for the Obama Administration’s zeal in imposing regulations on businesses from virtually every federal agency and Cabinet-level department. Daley, a former business executive himself, was supposed to be the man who was going to fix the Obama Administration’s anti-business standing. But Daley, while talking a good game, has failed to rein in the President and his ideologically driven cohorts in the federal agencies.

……… Daley ultimately admitted that many of the administration’s policies were “indefensible.”


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