Bachmann Surges In Iowa Poll

June 27, 2011 06:13

She is now tied for the lead in Iowa. Twenty-two percent of the poll respondents say they will support her in the straw poll that proceeds the presidential caucuses.

John Ellis at Business Insider


Following her boffo performance at the 2012 GOP Presidential Debate in New Hampshire two weeks ago, Rep. Michele Bachmann has surged into a tie for the lead in Iowa, according to a new poll posted this evening by The Des Moines Register.

The results of that straw poll are what get reported on caucus night next winter.  Mitt Romney garnered the support of 23 percent of the poll’s respondents.  Herman Cain captured the support of 10 percent of the respondents. No one else was even close.

The Iowa Poll has long been one of the nation’s most reliable public opinon polls.  It has accurately captured the ebbs and flows of virtually every statewide campaign in the state for decades. Political professionals take its findings very seriously.

What it’s telling us now is that Bachmann has emerged as a serious candidate to be the champion of the social conservative/evangelical base of the party. And it tells us that Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty’s campaign is in free fall.


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