Cain’t get no – satisfaction on direction of US falls to new low

June 16, 2011 06:04

We better do more than hope for change. A new Gallup poll shows seventy-eight percent of Americans are now dissatisfied the direction the US is headed. 2012 could end up as a McGovern moment for Obama with that kind of enthusiasm.

by Lydia Saad at Gallup


The six-percentage-point decline in Americans’ satisfaction with the country’s direction mirrors a 10-point drop in Gallup’s Economic Confidence Index over the past month, falling from -25 in Gallup Daily tracking for May 2-8 to -35 for the week ending June 12.

Despite declines in U.S. satisfaction and economic confidence in the past month, Americans’ responses to Gallup’s “Most Important Problem” question have not changed appreciably. Just over one-third in June, 36%, say the economy is the biggest problem facing the country, 24% cite unemployment or jobs, and 11% mention the federal budget deficit or debt. All of these are within a point or two of May’s results.

Slightly more Americans now mention healthcare — at 9%, up from 5% in May. However, at 3%, mentions of gas or fuel prices have dropped by more than half.


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