Dr. Coburn on the duplication amendment

June 30, 2011 05:37

Asking for common sense in the senate is like asking the Mafia for common sense.

Senator Coburn points out that we have “101 programs across four different agencies for surface transportation …. eighty two teacher programs across ten different agencies nine of which are not in the Department of Education … eighty -eight economic development agencies spending $6.5 billion across four agencies …  47 job training programs across nine different agencies and we’re spending $18 billion a year …”

Each agency and program gets to shuffle money to some politician’s campaign supporters and or lobbyists. Its called phone-marks instead of ear marks. The politician calls an agency and says ‘I really, really think you should give it to my friend in this district,’ then the agency complies to keep their funding.

Without earmarks, Congress can use phone-marks to feed pet projects

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