Lapdog Obama heels when unions whistle

June 28, 2011 05:01

Soon after taking the oath of office, Obama undid union financial disclosure requirements mandated by the very same 1959 law. Before the Obama transparency rollback, unions had to fill out LM-2 forms reporting the total value of all benefits received by union officers, the names of parties involved in union asset transaction, and all union receipts. Now, thanks to Obama, unions do not have to disclose any of these financial transactions to their members.

Washington Examiner Editorial


… the Department of Labor, led by Obama appointee Hilda Solis, issued proposed regulations making it even harder for small businesses to counter union organizing elections.

The law was designed to make it harder for Big Labor thugs like Freeman to steal from union members. But Obama would rather turn a blind eye to union corruption because he needs their votes in November. Instead he wants to punish employers with the same law Congress originally passed to protect workers. Congress should not stand for this.


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