Michele Bachmann: I Accept Chris Wallace’s Apology – “I have a titanium spine”

June 28, 2011 04:49

Parroting the left wing attack dogs, Chris Wallace had asked Michele Bachmann if she was a flake for comments like “anti-American members of congress.” Bachmann has much more experience, education and gravitas than Obama. Who doesn’t think there are anti-American members of congress? A strong conservative woman like Bachmann scares the pants off old liberals like Wallace.

“I have worked very hard in Washington DC to oppose gargantuan government and also the government takeover of healthcare. I have a strong record and most important of all I am not a part of the good old boy’s club in Washington DC. I have a titanium spine and my goal is to take the common sense voice of  the people ….. to the White House to have real change going forward so we can turn the economy around.”

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