New Hampshire Obama Bash

June 14, 2011 05:02

Repealing Obamacare and Obama’s failed economic record were the main topics of the GOP debate. Contenders missed an opportunity to question Romney on his belief in the man caused global warming hoax.

BBC News

Minnesota Representative Michele Bachmann, a favourite of the anti-tax Tea Party movement, said she had filed regulatory paperwork to enter the race officially, and criticised Mr Obama’s effort to establish a universal healthcare programme.

“His report card right now has a big failing grade,” Ms Bachmann said. “President Obama is a one-term president.”

In addition, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum said Mr Obama’s regulatory policies were “oppressive”, and pledged to “unshackle” business.

When the debate turned to social issues, traditionally a key concern of Republican voters, five out of seven of the candidates said they would support an amendment to the US constitution banning same-sex marriage.


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