Obama’s the Target of Mexico Gunrunning Probe

June 17, 2011 07:21

From the Mexican standpoint, Operation Fast and Furious was an act of war on Mexico.

by  Roger Hedgecock at Human Events


Was Operation Fast and Furious an Obama program to create a self-fulfilling prophecy and accomplish a gun control objective?

With everyone knowing the guns were headed for Mexico and the drug cartels, Dodson and his fellow agents were ordered to not stop or arrest the suspects or impede the flow of weapons.

In fact, no “sting” ever occurred, no arrests of cartel bosses ever happened.  ATF made no effort to trace the guns after they crossed the border.

Rahm Emanuel, when he was Obama’s chief of staff, famously said that no crisis should ever go to waste if it could advance the agenda.  Did Obama go Rahm one better, advancing the gun-control agenda by manufacturing a crisis caused by gunrunning into Mexico, where one of the gunrunners was the U.S. government?


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