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June 20, 2011 04:07

Believers in free markets and less government need to join the effort to shuck corn as an energy source. Corn belongs in our breakfast cereal and on our dinner plates, not in our gas tanks.

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A bipartisan group of 73 Senators votes to end both the ethanol tax credit and the tariff on imported ethanol. Maybe we can finally cut the federal deficit and stop putting food in our gas tanks.

Even Al Gore has admitted exploiting ethanol in his global warming crusade for political reasons.

We would have wished to see more Republicans, indeed all, united against this poster child for government waste, another intervention in the free market in an attempt to pick winners and losers.

Sarah Palin — in stark contrast to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who likes the Iowa-grown gas additive — takes particular aim at ethanol subsidies, which cost taxpayers about $5 billion last year.

As Patrick Richardson reports in Pajamas Media, coming off the third largest corn harvest in U.S. history in 2010, the carryover (unsold corn still in elevators) constitutes only a two week supply, the lowest level since the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.


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