What a Real Victory in 2012 Would Look Like

June 27, 2011 05:37

Obama is but the sum and culmination, and perhaps even the creature, of intellectual and cultural developments and interest groups that have come to dominate much of American society, and most of American elites, for a century.  We can’t throw all of those bums out.  But we can define victory in 2012 as tying successfully to the bum in the White House as many of those other bums and their bum ideas as possible, and giving them all the deep six. – American Thinker

By James V Capua at American Thinker


A new President needs to be able to claim credibly in January 2013 that voters’ rejection of Obama was, in fact, a rejection of all of the forces and influences that brought us Obama.

Renewal does not require adoption of Obama’s regulatory thuggery or bailout bribes, nor ACORN’s and SEIU’s boycotts and harassment in reverse.  But we would benefit from a clear message from voters that as consumers and investors they understand that truth and our economic system have been perverted by and for Obama, and that they demand better.

Culturally, the idea that conservatives are dopes, and that opposing them identifies one with the best and the brightest among us, should not be allowed to survive this election.

Between now and the election more bad things are likely to happen both here and abroad.  Our nation’s Obama folly will be obvious to all of us and we will turn him out.  A new president, to have any chance at all, though, will need more than a narrow personal victory.  Obama’s failures place reigning orthodoxies and their champions in unprecedented peril.  Victory means seizing the opportunity to vanquish them, and not merely ejecting the dim and arrogant poseur in the White House.


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