Border Patrol Official: Drug Cartels ‘Have Taken Control’ of ‘Several Areas Along Our Border’

July 22, 2011 07:30

“There are several areas along our border with Mexico where in fact we believe that the drug cartels not only have taken control, but control the areas by which the illegal crossings occur.”

By Edwin Mora at


When also asked if he thought Mexican drug cartels had made human trafficking from south of the border into the United States more violent, Aguilar said, “absolutely.”

“All the violence that occurs, against illegal aliens that occur, occur at the hands of smugglers,” said Aguilar. “The smugglers are working in coordination with the drug cartels and the drug trafficking organizations.”

Aguilar spoke with at a press conference in the nation’s capital held to raise awareness about human trafficking.

Regarding Mexican drug cartel involvement in human trafficking from Mexico to the United States, Aguilar said the drug cartels, much like the Mafia, are involved in multiple criminal enterprises that go beyond trafficking narcotics.

“Drug trafficking organizations being involved in [human] smuggling has been historical. It has been a legacy. It has happened consistently in my 30 some years of service,” Aguilar said. “This is something that we have seen evolve into what we see happening today: that the cartels are turning into more of a Mafia-like organization that are specializing not just in any one crime, not in the singular fashion.”


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