Campaign 2012: Are We Over ‘The Black Thing’ Yet?

July 7, 2011 05:58

I am black. I want the best American leading our great country.  I want the horrific assault on our freedom called Obamacare repealed!  I want a conservative presidential candidate who is well aware of the evil confronting us and is boldly and eagerly up for the battle.

By Lloyd Marcus at American Thinker


My fellow Americans, in regard to the U.S. presidency, please tell me we are over “the black thing.”  Can we move past race and gender and simply elect the best American for the job?

Due to liberal media manipulation and guilt, America elected an incompetent black guy as leader of the free world to prove that we are not racist.  Obama’s black skin has made him untouchable, the left’s dream tool to further their socialist agenda.

If you are a black liberal, the left gleefully views you as a poor victim of a racist America. Quoting Obama’s pastor, Rev. Wright, “Barack knows what it feels like to live in a country controlled by rich white people”. The left demands that standards be lowered and government entitlements be gifted.

If you are a black conservative, the left views you as a stupid self hating n***** suffering with Stockholm Syndrome. And yes, the left freely uses the “n” word when referring to black conservatives.

If you are a liberal woman, you are a victim of a sexist America controlled by white male SOBs.  If you are a conservative woman, you are a stupid slut.

The left celebrates liberal blacks and women while engaging in the high-tech lynching of conservative blacks and women.


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