Comedian Colbert Forming Campaign Finance ‘Super PAC’ With FEC Approval

July 1, 2011 04:58

Colbert [..] sought a media exemption to let him use the show’s resources, such as air time and staff, without it being viewed as an in-kind contribution to Comedy Central’s parent company, Viacom Inc. –

By Lisa Lerer at


The 5-1 ruling, permits Colbert to run ads only on his program. If ads created using Viacom resources are shown on other networks or the company funds the PAC’s administrative expenses, such as legal fees, Viacom would have to report the expenses as political contributions.

“The Colbert Report” has satirized last year’s U.S. Supreme Court ruling that lets corporations and unions spend unlimited funds to support or oppose candidates by forming super PACs. Advocates for stricter campaign finance laws opposed that decision, saying it gave rich donors too much influence.


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