Islamic countries poised to control world economy

July 13, 2011 07:15

“A senior advisor to the Iranian Supreme Leader said Muslim states’ main share in control over the world’s vital energy corridors has provided Islamic nations with an excellent chance to control the world economy.” – FARS

FARS News Agency


“About 80% of the world trade is done through sea voyage and cargo fleets and these fleets of cargo ships should pass through the world’s strategic straits,” Supreme Leader’s Advisor for Military Affairs Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi said on Wednesday.

“Meantime, Islamic countries are located on both sides of these strategic bottlenecks which we call ‘compulsory passages’.

“Thus, it can be said that Muslim states can come in control of the world economy,” he noted.

“The same case is true even with military issues,” Rahim Safavi added, reminding that during the 2003 invasion of Iraq, the US dispatched over 200,000 troops through the sea and through the very same vital and strategic waterways.

The US claims to have the world’s number one army, while the main part of its forces, military strategy and power lies in its Navy, and Rahim Safavi pointed out that the very same feature of the US army has made it much vulnerable to Muslim nations, given the Islamic states’ control over strategic waterways.

He also reminded Islamic nations’ rich energy resources as a main constituent of power giving Muslims control over the world economy.


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