Patriotic Stirrings in the Real America

July 8, 2011 06:28

“What is alien is not Obama’s being, not his person, but his worldview, his arrogance and his cold disregard for American traditions and allies. Many people doubt not just Obama’s judgment but also his motives.”

By at American Spectator


For me, newly repatriated on the Gulf after five years, everybody has questions. How can anybody think it’s okay to tell me I’m required to buy a certain service (the Obamacare mandate)? And How can they possibly think they’ll solve anything by having the government spend more money? And How can they even begin to justify these levels of debt?

There’s a genuine puzzlement, as if the attitudes of Official Washington and of the establishment media just don’t compute — for the very good reason that those lefty elitist attitudes really don’t compute, because they don’t make sense of any sort. The Washington elite’s attitudes defy logic, violate the ethics of ordinary life, trample on common sense, and offend the common decency usually upheld by communal norms of quotidian virtue.

More than anything else, though, again and again and again, the question comes at me, with a deep concern almost plaintive in nature: Who is out there who can beat Obama and do an okay job? This isn’t merely a “Clinton is a scuzzbucket” or a “Carter is inept” sort of sentiment. This is different. This is an expression of the conviction that what Obama is doing, along with the likes of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, is alien to our very idea of what being an American means. And no, this isn’t a concern with where Obama was born or what color his skin is; instead, it truly is a reaction to the president’s ideas, warped ideals, and precipitate actions.


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