Rep. Cantor: Obama’s policies “wrecking economy”

July 27, 2011 05:20

“We have to stop the spending and the promotion of these policies that are wrecking the economy.”

Eric Cantor recounts Obama’s petulant  behavior at the White House debt meeting. Rep. Cantor suggested that Obama come off his insistence that the debt ceiling be extended past the 2012 election. “What does that have to do with the fiscal health of the country which we’re trying to address so we can get people back to work?” That’s when ‘he really got agitated and upset” in saying that he was going to take it to the American people and “don’t call my bluff.”

Obama’s world view and view of America has been shaped by people like his pastor of twenty years Jeremiah Wright who preached a kind of racial socialism, and his Marxist mentors, professors and friends throughout his life.

It is hard for people who really care about our country to believe how vehemently Obama’s ideology pushes his agenda at any cost.

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