An American Politburo

August 8, 2011 05:41

Administrative actions are already replacing legislative acts as the primary governance mechanism.  Just examine the number of regulations emanating from the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Health and Human Services, etc, etc.

By Howard Houchen at American Thinker


An American Politburo has materialized before our eyes.

Unelected officials (unaccountable to the citizenry) all around this land are producing laws we must abide by, or face some form of punishment, without ever coming under scrutiny by those we elect to represent our interests (and to protect and defend the constitution of these United States of America).

Many large- and medium-sized cities in America have formed Councils on Sustainability, Councils on Urban Development, Councils on Transportation, Councils on Economic Development, and Council, after Council, after Council.  Hmmm…most of these councils are appointed, not elected, here in America.

Just exactly what is a council?  The Russian term for council is soviet.

The executive branch of our government has taken to surrounding itself with “czar” policy advisors (unelected, unaccountable appointees) and lobby interests who represent notions and desires other than those of the general citizenry.  We are being held hostage to the “revolving door” Washington power-brokers.

The intent and purpose of our founding principles have been overruled.


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