As the world burns – record cold and snow in New Zealand

August 15, 2011 06:07

So much for attributing the heat wave to the global warming myth: Snow has fallen in downtown Auckland for the first time in 80 years as a ‘once in a lifetime’ polar blast spreads across New Zealand, forecasters say.

By Amelia Wade, Hayden Donnell, Paul Harper at

EXCERPTS: this afternoon confirmed snowflakes had fallen in Auckland city centre for the first time since the 1930s.

He said snow would settle at heights of 200m and fall to 100m in Auckland overnight.

The storm was a ‘once in a lifetime’ event and similar conditions had not been seen in the city since the 1930s, he said.

“It’s a once in many decades event. We are probably looking at something like – in terms of extent and severity, maybe 50 years,” he said.

The level of snow that fell in Wellington had not been seen since at least the 1970s, he said.


[Editors note: It was in the 1970’s that the environmental alarmists were warning us about the coming global ICE AGE.]

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