Bye bye dollar as gold continues to break records

August 22, 2011 05:33

Bloomberg reported: “Gold climbed to a record above $1,890 an ounce in London and New York as concern about slowing economic growth and debt crises spurred demand for bullion as a protection of wealth.”

Meanwhile Obama admits his campaign propaganda about how he saved the economy is falling on deaf ears. Blaming tsunamis, the Arab uprising, George W. bush (still) and everything else he can think of for the recovery that isn’t Obama “dismissed fears of a second recession which have caused stock markets to plunge in recent days.”

Even  former Obama supporting Democrats are piling on with criticism about Obama’s mishandling of the economy.

Obama continues to lie about his “focus on jobs” and keeps giving speeches telling people not to worry that he has a plan to have a plan to do something.

Hopefully America has recovered from its collective brain cloud in 2008.

Michael Whipple, Editor

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