Former BB&T CEO: Government Caused the Financial Crisis

August 26, 2011 07:38

John Allison, the former CEO of BB&T, tells Glenn Reynolds how government policies and the Federal Reserve caused the financial crisis. Video from PJTV

Democrats cover up government fault in financial crisis report

How Obama and Democrat policies caused the financial crisis

Housing market ruined by leftist good intentions

The “Economic Problem” is Not Economic

15 million homeowners ‘under water’ – flood of pending foreclosures?

Barney Frank Is Anything But On Housing

The Cynically Ruthless Barney Frank, Enabler Of The Mortgage Meltdown

“Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2010

How Obama and Democrat policies caused the financial crisis- video

How Economics and Politics, not Capitalism, Failed the Country

Barney’s new excuse

Barney Frank Must Go – probably to jail

“Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians” for 2009

New Obama appointee had role in housing crisis

Building the next subprime crisis

Fannie-Freddie Fix at $160 Billion With $1 Trillion Worst Case

Covering Their Fannie

The Bottomless Pit Of Fannie And Freddie

CRAven Cover-Up

Why Radicals Matter

Has the SEC Charged the Right People with Securities Fraud?

Hoyer: No Plans Yet by Democrats To End Fannie, Freddie Bailouts

Democrats rejected a Republican plan to end the government’s support of mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

Why are Fannie and Freddie left out of finance reform?

Republican Opens Investigation Into Hedge Fund and Advocacy Group Groups Deny They Worked to Inflate Housing Bubble

Paulson gets tax deductions for giving million$ to ‘non-profit’ that lobbies for his billion$ in profits

The Center for LESS Responsible Lending

Repeal CRA, stop blackmailing banks and wrecking the economy

Barney Frank Must Go – probably to jail

2008 Market Crash Should be Investigated

Greenspan Gets It (Why Not Others?)

Greenspan agrees leftist housing laws caused crash

And now they are in charge of everything! We are sure to go broke.

Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis? Bombshell

The Housing Boom and Bust by Thomas Sowell» A must read to all of us who are interested in the housing boom and bust, which led to the current financial crisis.

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