Obama’s Green Economy Withers Under His Rotten Policies

August 19, 2011 08:22

Obama’s promotion of green jobs came with strings.  Unionized workforce.  Compliance with expensive environmental technology in the manufacturing process.  Promotion of politically correct benefits (e.g., gay partners).  Uncertain cost of electricity.  The conflicting parts of the Obama Agenda doomed these companies as they competed against countries with competitive workforce costs, minimum permit processing and government regulation, easy credit, and cheap land, water and electricity.

By Roger Hedgecock at Human Events


President Obama promises a “new” jobs program when he gets back from vacation.  But he won’t change his central idea that only debt and higher-tax-fueled government spending can lead the economy out of recession.  Obama’s existing jobs program was based on the same premise, and it is a failure.

The new Obama jobs program has already been leaked.  Infrastructure investment, extending unemployment benefits, extending the reduction in withholding, and reflating the real estate bubble by more government mortgage subsidy.

This is more of the same old, same old “government knows best” approach that has prolonged the recession and brought us 16.1% un(and under)employment and a tsunami of  public debt.

What happened to the infrastructure investment from the stimulus bill?  Not “shovel-ready.”  Fannie and Freddie have been losing billions of dollars trying to reflate the busted balloon of real estate since Obama was inaugurated.  Why are home values still declining everywhere but in Washington, D.C.?  Withholding was reduced last January—where are the jobs?  Nancy Pelosi? said that extending unemployment benefits was “the best way” to stimulate jobs—that was two years ago.  The benefits were extended—there are more unemployed Americans than ever.

Americans are demoralized as the purchasing power of their hard-earned dollar shrinks before their eyes while the government maintains, with a straight face, that there is no inflation.  Business owners are demoralized by having to comply with myriad new federal regulations imposed by Obama appointees that eat up their time and money while the President calls for cutting regulations.


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