Political Parisitology

August 19, 2011 05:24

They have chosen a form of Kevorkian economics, managed suicide for the host economy.  Unlike Kevorkian, they intend to keep the host alive as long as possible enabling them to maximize their time in the trough.

By Monty Pelerin at American Thinker

In the US, as in Europe, parasites have increasingly drained vitality from the productive class.

The recent debt ceiling debacle was an opportunity to address the problem. The effort, instead, became a political charade. Ultimately it strengthened the parasites, again, by further weakening the host. Zerohedge pointed out:

This debate is not about saving our economy or our global credit standing. This debate is about choosing our method of poison, and nothing more. That is to say, the outcome of the current “political clash” is irrelevant. Our economy was set on the final leg of total destabilization back in 2008, and no amount of spending reform, higher taxes, or austerity measures, are going to change that eventuality.

Rejuvenation of the host is possible, but it will not happen. The reasons are not economic but political.  Even if control of Congress and the Presidency shifts to the Republicans, it will not matter.  Both political parties are parasitic.


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