The Poisoned Fruit of Social Democracy

August 16, 2011 06:32

Social democracy was a devil’s bargain, based on the assumption that the engine of that prosperity — capitalism — would never cease to produce wealth and revenue to the government, which could buy votes with it.

By Steve McCann at American Thinker


The reality is that the “West” has finally reached the point of saturation wherein its economies and societies can no longer afford to guarantee a certain standard of living for the citizens of these countries in exchange for votes.

These nations have two factors in common: 1) they are all either confirmed to be or determined (as in the case of the United States) to become socialist democracies; and 2) they have evolved into overwhelmingly consumption-based societies, greatly diminishing their goods-producing sector (which generates the real wealth of a nation), thus eroding their job-creation ability as well as the nation’s wealth and tax base.  Yet the governments of all these countries continue to deficit spend, over-tax (chasing wealth and job-creation off-shore) and borrow in an effort to meet the expectations of the people.

The riots in Greece, France and lately Great Britain, while fomented by anarchists and hoodlums, have roots in the socialist mindset of the Ruling Classes in these countries.

The Left and the Socialists will point to the ever growing disparity between the have and the have-nots in society as the justification for this redistribution viewpoint and continued demonization of the wealthy and capitalism in general.   However, the reason for this growing disparity is not the so-called greed of the “rich.”  It is the result of the radical socialist policies of the Left and the restructuring of the various economies which now create mostly low paying service jobs, if any.


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