Dr. Doom is gloomy – “Economy already in recession”

September 22, 2011 20:09

Noriel Roubini is celebrated for having predicted both the collapse of the United States housing market and the worldwide recession which started in 2008. Roubini’s outlook on the economy has earned him the nickname Dr. Doom.

Here are some of his latest tweets as of 9/22/11:

@nouriel: Economy already in recession. Whatever the Fed does now is too little too late 15 hours ago

nouriel: Operation Twist may worsen the credit crunch as it will reduce banks’ net interest margin . Unintended consequences… 2 hours ago

nouriel: US, Eurozone and UK are effectively in a recession now. And policy makers are running out of policy rabbits to pull out their policy hats 15 hours ago

nouriel: RGE (www.roubini.com) predicted in July a 60% probability of recession in most advanced economies. By now that probability is much higher. 15 hours ago

“UK in double dip @MarkitEconomics: CBI Trends total orders at -9 in. UK Man PMI highlights real weakness in order books http://t.co/QkSCXWYn

nouriel 15 hours ago

nouriel: Vicious cycle: weak macro causing fallin stock mkts & high credit spreads,in turn making recession worse via wealth effect & cost of capital 12 hours ago

nouriel: Only issue now: will it be a mild G7 recession or a severe recession plus global financial crisis as bad or even worse than the 2008-09 one? 15 hours ago

nouriel: So investors should go into the former to avoid ending up in the latter @mark_dow: Only 2 positions are working in this market: cash & fetal 7 hours ago

nouriel: Eurozone is double dipping… if it ever got out of the first recession @michaelhewson: EZ Industrial Orders for (Jul) Act: -2.1% exp -1.2% 15 hours ago

“It may end up deja vu Great Depression if 1930s mistakes are repeated. Krugman:What Profit Hath A Man Of All His Labor ”

nouriel 5 hours ago

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