Job killer in the “jobs” bill

September 14, 2011 06:16

Obama has shoved a provision into his jobs bill that would make it illegal for companies to discriminate against the unemployed, opening the door to a flood of costly, needless and ultimately job-killing legal actions. – IBD

Jobs Bill For Lawyers

From IBD Editorials


Leave it to Obama — someone with zero business experience — to lecture companies about what does and doesn’t make sense when it comes to hiring. But what makes “no sense” is his charge that companies are “discriminating” against the unemployed in the first place.

It also makes no sense to threaten companies that are already skittish about hiring anyone — unemployed or not — with still more potentially costly legal headaches if they actually do hire someone.

As Charles Lane, an editorial writer at the Washington Post put it, this will “probably destroy jobs in a misguided effort to save them,” adding that “plaintiffs’ lawyers are no doubt dreaming up new ways to wield this new cause of action — make that class action — every time a company turns someone down for a job.”

The last thing you want to do in today’s economic doldrums is to give private companies yet another reason not to put out a “Help Wanted” sign.


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