Obama looks ridiculous as he lectures Europe while wrecking the US economy

September 29, 2011 09:15

It is rather ironic that Barack Obama, who has probably done more damage to the American economy that any president in modern US history, is now lecturing European leaders on their financial problems as well.

By Nile Gardiner at The Telegraph


The Obama administration’s track record of out-of-control government spending and borrowing, a $1.3 trillion budget deficit (the largest since World War Two), combined with mammoth bailouts, has been nothing short of disastrous. 14 million Americans are out of work, the housing market is in a state of collapse, and job growth is practically non-existent outside of the Washington Beltway. And the advice his flailing government is now giving across the Atlantic will inevitably prolong the huge economic turmoil in Europe, rather than help bring it to an end.

The administration’s entire approach to the European Union is fundamentally flawed, and is based on the underlying premise that the EU needs more integration, not less, with a greater pooling of national sovereignty.


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