Obama needs to Schifft gears on economy – before its too late

September 20, 2011 07:27

Peter Schiff testifies before congress on the lunacy of continuing Obama’s big spending policies. Schiff predicted the housing bubble and the financial crash. So why do Obama and the Debtocrats continue to lead us off the cliffs of fiscal insanity?

A must watch for anyone who cares about saving the US economy from disaster.

From TerrellAfterMath.com

The only thing propping up our economy is the fact that the US is the best of the world economies that are all in crisis. Obama’s own bipartisan commission established to study the debt problem headed by Erskine Bowles and Alan Simpson co-chairs explained the dire consequences of continuing deficit spending and rising debt. Alan Simpson (former senator from WY)  said economic collapse will ‘be very swift and very dramatic’. When asked why the markets haven’t reacted to the US being on the precipice of collapse, Erskine Bowles said its because the US economy is  “the best lookin’ horse in the glue factory.”

Former Treasury Secretary Rubin said the debt crisis could explode any minute. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told the Council on Foreign Relations that our national debt is a national security risk echoing previous statements by Joint Chiefs Chairman Admiral Mullen, head of U.S. intelligence – Dennis Blair, and all of America’s intelligence agencies. Maybe someone should start paying attention.

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