Obama Wants Fairness More than Jobs

September 16, 2011 05:42

In a debate with Hillary, Obama explained that even if raising taxes on the rich brought in lower revenues — as it usually does — he would prefer it to more revenue because it is “fair.”

By Karin McQuillan at American Thinker


Surely Obama has noticed that his stimulus policies have not created jobs.  The assumption by his economic advisors that spending a trillion dollars automatically creates 2.5 million jobs has not worked out for him — or us.  Unemployment and poverty are at record levels and the federal government is insolvent.  Thanks to Obama’s belief in stimulus spending, our debt will be 100% of our GDP by 2014 — Greek territory.

Our president has made it completely clear that for him, making America a more fair country trumps mundane economic considerations.  As it turns out, every time he acts for fairness, he is also rewarding his political base and holding onto power.  So our president keeps hoping that by doing good, he will do himself good — as he defines good.

In the case of stimulus I and II, 80% of the 800 billion federal dollars went to unionized teachers.  Obama lost our country’s credit rating by subsidizing unsustainable teacher benefit packages for a single year.

Following his ideas of fairness is more important to our law lecturer president than rule of law.

America may not have an economy anymore, but hey, we have only half as many millionaires.  Doesn’t that make you feel better?  Money isn’t everything — not to our fair-minded president.


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