The Department Of Doublespeak

September 2, 2011 06:29

The Obama administration reportedly has taken the phrase “federal family,” a euphemism for government, “to new heights.” This is disturbingly Orwellian. – IBD Editorials

IBD Editorials


Florida State University communications professor Davis Houck says that “government” has become a “dirty word.” There’s good reason for it. The federal government has far overstepped its constitutional and moral bounds. It overtaxes, overspends and overregulates.

The public’s encounters with government have become one bitter experience after another. The country has watched as a Democratic Congress and White House forced a health care law on a people who didn’t want it. Taxpayers have begun to notice that the political class is willing, even happy, to drain them of their wealth.

In reality, our “federal family” is actually Big Brother — a ruling presence that burdens, manipulates, plunders, abuses and surveils the people. Big Brother demands obedience and doesn’t tolerate dissent.


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