The Postmodern Party

September 20, 2011 05:01

[T]oday’s Democratic Party is profoundly infected by postmodernism — at its root, an outrageous fraud cleverly covered up by a fog of arcane gibberish and deceitful, euphemistic code words that permit its adherents to imagine that they are members of a superior, elite gnostic coterie when in fact they are intellectual eunuchs and just plain lazy. – American Thinker

By Paul Jacobson at American Thinker


If you doubt that expansive claim for postmodernist influence, consider the poll results published almost a decade ago by the Barna Research Group, an organization that does polling for Christian organizations.  You’d expect evangelical Christians to hold to a cornerstone belief in an absolute (Biblical) standard of good and evil, right?  Wrong.  Barna’s poll showed, astonishingly, that an overwhelming majority of evangelical adults (68%) cleave instead to postmodernist moral relativity.

For a normal, intelligent person to get his hands around academic postmodernism is a daunting challenge: the literature of the movement, particularly of its most ardent proponents, is definitely — deliberately? — unperspicuous.  Nevertheless, some basic principles that anyone can understand and that point clearly to a political matrix can be extracted from this intellectual miasma:

  1. Rejection of universal, objective truth and meaning.
  2. Rejection of universal moral absolutes.
  3. Rejection of rationality.
  4. Rejection of language as a way to convey objective information from author to reader.  Postmodernism informs us that the reader is now in charge of deciding what the text says.
  5. Rejection of individualism.  An individual’s concept of truth and rules of morality are determined solely by the group to which he “belongs,” from which there is no exit.
  6. “Truth” and “morality” are “social constructs” that vary from one group to another.
  7. One group’s “truth” and “morality” are as worthy and valid as another’s.
  8. Historical prevailing truth and morality are merely the opinions of the group in power and are designed to serve their goal of oppressing the powerless, the victims.
  9. Because “truth” and “morality” are relative and “reason” is a futile delusion, victim groups must resort to raw power and, if necessary, deceitfulness to throw off the oppressive shackles imposed by the powerful.  Lies, propaganda and bullying, sometimes even physical violence, are necessary armaments in the arsenal of the oppressed.

Now, which of the two major American political parties is this beginning to sound like?  Surely you need only one guess, not three.


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