Harry Reid Just Used A ‘Tactical Nuke’ To Rewrite Senate Rules And Block The GOP

October 7, 2011 06:13

“America doesn’t need less debate. It needs more debate…I think we made a big mistake tonight. And as soon as we all kind of cool off and think about it over the weekend, I hope we’ll undo what we did tonight because it’s not in the best interest of this institution or the American people.” -McConnell

By Zeke Miller at Business Insider


Technically at issue were nine amendments offered on the bill, two of which Senate Democrats were unwilling to vote on — including the original version of President Barack Obama’s jobs bill that McConnell wanted to vote on knowing it would fail.

After cloture was reached on the currency bill, McConnell called for multiple procedural “motions to suspend the rules,” which would have forced embarrassing votes on the issues — a tactic used occasionally to make a political point on controversial legislation.

In response, a frustrated Reid used a the rarely-used “tactical nuclear option” to change the Senate rules by a simple-majority vote to make it impossible for the minority party to call for such votes. He justified it saying it would allow un-ending motions and votes — serving as a second filibuster after the Senate has already voted to end debate.


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