Hillaryous – Clinton fights UN reformer Ros-Lehtinen

October 19, 2011 10:03

“So serial proliferator North Korea presided over the UN’s disarmament body, and Iran, a regime which stones women to death, is a member of the UN Commission on the Status of Women. We’re paying for a U.N. that just appointed as the head of its Kosovo mission an individual involved with the infamous Oil-for-Food scandal, and a U.N. that goes after whistle blowers while protecting the corrupt.” – The New York Sun

It’s Clinton v. Ros-Lehtinen at The New York Sun


Mrs. Ros-Lehtinen began the hearings with an opening statement in which she spoke of the U.N.s bid, in the middle of a fiscal crisis in Washington, for a bigger budget. She quoted the Obama administration’s own envoy to the U.N. budget process as saying, that the budget presented by the U.N. “does not represent a break from ‘business as usual,’ but rather a continuation of it.”

“What are we paying for?” Mrs. Ros-Lehtinen demanded. Then she ticked off the scandals: “A UN Human Rights Council that includes such gross human rights violators as China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and its vice-chair, Cuba.

Mrs. Ros-Lehtinen disclosed that Secretary of State Clinton sent a letter at the outset of the hearings Thursday coming out directly in opposition to the bill.

This strikes us as an opportunity for the Republicans to bring the issue of the United Nations into the presidential campaign now under way and so that the American people can let the dictators, kleptocrats, and anti-Semites in the United Nations know where America stands.


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