MSM More Concerned with Perry’s Relationship with Rock than Obama’s Racially-Charged Past

October 4, 2011 05:40

Obama’s been associated with, had relationships with, and has been endorsed by some of the most virulently divisive and outright racist figures of our time and not only does the media give him a pass, they tell us we’re the racists because we disagree with him on ObamaCare or join a Tea Party or use words like “basketball.”

by John Nolte at


So now we’re going to back up some, broaden our context to the majority of the MSM, and take a look at which political figure the MSM does find worthy of creating a media narrative fury over and which ones they don’t.

Worthy of a racial media fury: a Republican presidential candidate with a father who painted over a nasty racial epithet decades ago.

Not worthy of a racial media fury: a sitting Democrat president who…

…spent 20 years in a racist church.

…called the racist Jeremiah Wright his mentor.

shared a stage with the racist, anti-Semitic New Black Panther Party as a presidential candidate.

…also shared that stage with Malik Shabazz, the head of the New Black Panther Party.

… has yet to tell us if the Malik Shabazz who signed the White House guest book in 2009 is the same Malik Shabazz who heads the New Black Panther Party.

…appointed an Attorney General who all but dropped slam-dunk charges of voter intimidation against this very same New Black Panther Party.

Please don’t waste your time raging over the MSM’s lack of standards or their hypocrisy or their outright lies of omission and commission. Just realize that the Washington Post and Politico and all the rest are nothing more than left-wing partisans disguised as objective journalists.

Obama cannot win re-election. He’s failed almost completely as president and couldn’t create a job if you gave him a working magic wand. His only path to a second term is through a scorched-earth policy that toxifies our candidates into something unelectable.

And with the MSM as his willing lap-dog servants, that’s exactly what he intends to do.


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