Obama White House has direct ties to occupiers

October 31, 2011 16:08

White House political affairs director has ACORN / SEIU / Working Families Party connections. The ACORN front group Working Families Party has been shown to be in on funding and organizing the Occupy movement from the beginning.

By Michael Whipple, Editor usACTIONnews.com

White House political affairs director Patrick Gaspard has ACORN / SEIU / Working Families Party connections. The ACORN front group Working Families Party has been shown to be in on funding and organizing the Occupy movement from the beginning.

The National Legal and Policy Center (NLPC) reports that:

Gaspard, at least according to ACORN founder Wade Rathke, had been political director for the New York City chapter of ACORN under Bertha Lewis, who last year replaced Rathke as the group’s chief organizer and CEO. What’s more, he’s worked closely with the ACORN-controlled Working Families Party and the largest local within the Service Employees International Union. Political affairs director is a position near the very top of the White House hierarchy.

The ACORN front group Working Families Party has placed an ad on Craig’s List for “direct action” workers who will be paid $350 to $650 a week to “hold Wall Street accountable.” “Through direct action you will be shaping NY state politics for the next 20 years.” Here one of their workers describes how she was in on the organizing of Occupy Wall Street.

Discover the Networks has the history on the Working Families Party:

WFP is a coalition founded by ACORN, the Communications Workers of America, and the United Automobile Workers. However, ACORN clearly dominates the coalition. New York ACORN leader Steven Kest was the moving force in forming the party. WFP headquarters  is located at the same address as ACORN’s national office, at 88 Third Avenue in Brooklyn.

“The [Working Families Party] was created in 1998 to help push the Democratic Party toward the left,” noted the Associated Press on March 28, 2000. In pursuit of this goal, WFP runs radical candidates in state and local elections. Generally, WFP candidates conceal their extremism beneath a veneer of populist rhetoric, promoting bread-and-butter issues designed to appeal to union workers and other blue-collar voters, Republican and Democrat alike.


The Soros-funded Drug Policy Alliance – a drug legalization lobby through which Soros often funnels political contributions – gave $81,500 to the Soares campaign. Instead of donating the money directly, however, the Drug Policy Alliance laundered Soros’ contribution through the Working Families Party – an illegal act. New York State law bars one party from funding another party’s candidate. In this case, however, authorities have shown no interest in disciplining either Soros or the Working Families Party.

As far back as the 2000 election Working Families Party was creating class warfare and vilifying Wall Street:

Before an audience packed with card-carrying members from WFP union affiliates SEIU, AFSCME, CWA, UAW, UNITE and many more, leftwing Texas activist Jim Hightower drew applause with such lines as, “They say Wall Street is whizzing. Well, yeah, it’s whizzing on you and me. Let’s call it exactly what it is – it’s class war.” After receiving WFP’s endorsement, Hillary vowed to wage a “people’s grassroots campaign.” – Discover the Networks

Carl Horowitz at NLPC points out that “Patrick Gaspard was serving as a New Party organizer in New Jersey. He would continue his work for its successor group, the Working Families Party, a New York City entity co-founded by ACORN activists, most of all, longtime New York ACORN boss Bertha Lewis, a hardcore radical who serves as party co-chair.”

Patrick Gaspard is the “Karl Rove” of the Obama White house helping to shape domestic policy  issues.

Noted supporters of the Occupy movement include socialist dictator Hugo Chavez and Iran’s anti-American theocrat Ayatollah Khamenei and many other Marxists in the US government along with the communists and former White House staffer and revolutionary communist Van Jones. And now even the NAZI Party has endorsed the protests. Is something wrong with this picture?

Birds of a feather they flock together.

Chavez’ socialist Utopia has food and energy shortages, rampant inflation and exploding crime. Iran is a tyrannical theocracy that suppressed its protesters with swift and deadly violence.

Meanwhile the openly socialist senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders is calling on occupiers and supporters to pull their money from the banks to cause them to collapse.  The head of the Socialist Employee Union International, SEIU, (which is closely allied with Obama) Steven Lerner has advocated collapsing the system and creating chaos and to “create a crisis for the super rich.” He is also calling for terrorizing corporate executives. Occupy Wall Street Was Organized From Day One by SEIU / ACORN Front – The Working Family Party.

It all starts to make sense when you see the ACORN / SEIU roots of the Occupy movement and its incestuous ties to the Obama White House.

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